Whether you're traversing the city or learning some new hoverboard tricks - trust our hoverboards to deliver a safe and thrilling experience.

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Why ScooterEra

The Safest

Our hoverboard models are fully UL Certified under UL-2272.  Unlike other brands of hoverboards, both our hoverboards and their AC chargers are UL Certified - ensuring maximum product safety.  Our hoverboards and chargers have undergone extensive testing in order to be UL Certified.  Additionally, we use only name-brand batteries to power our hoverboards.

Highest Quality

ScooterEra is all about hoverboards.  We have reviewed, recommended and repaired many different hoverboards in the past.  Now we've put that expertise to work - providing the highest quality hoverboards available.  Our hoverboards are manufactured using advanced components and quality materials, with extensive attention to detail.

Best Performance

Our hoverboards deliver an exceptionally smooth riding experience, while producing little to no noise.  Both of our hoverboard models feature dual motors for increased control while riding.  For hoverboards that are easier, smoother and quiter to ride - choose ScooterEra!